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Rapid Tests


Be Free & Clear With Confidence

In the current prevailing Covid pandemic landscape, Rapid Tests have not only become mandatory for many industries and occupations but home use in recent months has also increased dramatically.

As outbreaks and mutations continue, the spread must be contained due to the numerous health concerns for at-risk individuals and the ensuing damage to business and the economy.

Frequent testing, not only when feeling sick or showing cold-like symptoms, is the key for preventing spread and contamination. It heralds a return to normality and growth, making the virus manageable as we work together to eliminate it.

While safe practice and the use of masks, PPE and sanitizers have slowed the contaigion, unfortunately they cannot stop it. A single infection at a place of business or job site could shut down operations for 2 weeks or longer. Prepared and proactive testing is the only method to efficiently and effectively catch flare-ups before they occur.

Test anytime, anywhere, and feel confident as you go about your day without the risk of infecting others. Remain ahead of the curve by identifying then halting possible outbreaks of family members and co-workers before the spread.

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